What! Business Is Just An Idea?

What business is just an Idea? Have you thought about what a business is. It is a idea. This sounds strange but I believe that it is true. Hears how. Before you start a business you get the idea. Before you get staff to work in your business they get the idea. Before your customer buys something they get the idea.

So the long and the short of it business is an idea. And you sell ideas. Whether it is to buy a computer or a fan. The customer and you need to have the idea that you can supply the fan and deliver the fan. Without the idea nothing happens or will ever happen. In this respect whither our business is a good one or a bad one it all biased on our ideas and belief systems.

By changing your belief you change your idea. This can also change the energy around your business and around you. If you approach your business through thought, and look at the basic way your business runs, think about

  1. The enthusiasm you have about your business
  2. The energy of your employees and volunteers if an N/P Organisation.
  3. The excitement of your clients.
  4. The fun level in your business. Fun sells – Just watch tv.
  5. How you sell your products.
  6. What are your customers wanting. (It may not always be the best price)

Approaching your business with this attitude, do you think you could look at your systems, customers and improve your business to make it more idea friendly, more customer based. This may all seam airy fairy stuff. But the bottom line is that you are working in your business trying to sell something to a customer. We often we forget what we started to do, and get caught up in the work of it all, when much of it will take care of itself. I am not mentioning that a business is not hard work because it often is. But we need to work smarter, not harder.

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