How to Save on Eating Out?Bring a Toddler Or Two!

Given a shrinking economy, it has become somewhat of a national passion for seeing how much we can cut out of our discretionary spending. An excellent place to start is looking at what and how we spend when dining away from home.

There are five ways to save big time. This article suggests you take advantage of the child’s menu.

Of course, ordering from the child’s menu is next to impossible if there are no kids at your party! That’s easy to fix, and all the more reason not to pay a babysitter.

Bring those adorable pumpkins with you, and they’ll pay their way!

Here’s how it works.

Kid menus offer great value because pewees range in age and weight and appetite. So, restaurants serve up mighty portions of the same excellent fare on the regular menu, at about a third of a grown-up’s price.

If you go to a steak and seafood place, typically, there will be a good burger and an excellent fish and chips meal on the kid menu. If you’re dining with your toddlers, they’ll be disinterested in this fare, possibly opting to gum a French fry or two.

Your toddlers won’t be stuck salivating while you adults are feasting if you bring along those baby jars of food, the stuff they like, from companies like Gerber.

That will leave the rest to the grown-ups to use as primary and side dishes. Split the crab and shrimp seafood salad, and you’re set.

You’ll enjoy various tastes and see a check at the end of the journey that looks like it came from 1965.

With the money you save, you’ll be able to have family-nights-out much more often.

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