How to Save on Eating Out ?Share a Meal!

Given our shrinking the economy, it has become somewhat of a national passion for seeing how much we can cut out of our discretionary spending. An excellent place to start is looking at what and how we spend when dining away from home.

There are five ways to save big time. This article shows you how to save up to 50% of the overall tab when you order.

I don’t have to tell you there is a reported obesity “epidemic” in America, where one-third or more adults fall into that unpleasant classification. Who can we blame?

Start with restaurants that serve way-too-generous portions. I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to restaurants to score a doggie-bag at the end of the meal. I’m content to eat my fill and to leave.

But that’s impossible with super-sized portions, so I suggest you split your meals with your family, friends, or dates.

Ask the server to do this in the kitchen before the meal is brought out.

Even if there is an “extra plate charge,” generally, it’s worth paying it. I have found that the meals you’ll receive are more than generous, and quite often, chefs will go out of their way to assure there are sufficient “sides,” such as veggies and potatoes, to fill both people.

Though I believe we should be prudent with our tips, if your server appreciates you and gives you regular-sized salads to accompany the main meal, a larger than usual tip has been earned.

When you split a meal, you can feel especially useful because you’ll “clean your plate” as mom and dad might have taught, and you’ll save enough to have a second, similar meal, for free!

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