How to Save on Eating Out ?Become an Early Diner!

Given a shrinking economy, it has become somewhat of a national passion for seeing how much we can cut out of our discretionary spending. An excellent place to start is looking at what and how we spend when dining away from home.

There are five ways to save big time. This article suggests you take advantage of early-diner menus.

Typically, upscale dinner houses will serve not only the date-night crowd, ages 18-35, but also want to and need to share in the more affluent older trade, baby-boomers with discretionary income.

One of the best ways to attract them is by offering early-bird menus with reduced prices.

Starting at about four or 4:30 in the afternoon, these special menus are often extended to six in the evening. As long as you are seated before the incentive times-out, you can benefit.

What you’ll find on an early diner’s menu is a more limited slate of offerings, but the prices will be reduced by 20% to 35%. Plus, fresh meals often bundle in a beverage and even a dessert, for free, making them extra valuable.

Sometimes, even if you are seated well within the early dinner hours, you might need to ask for that menu, explicitly. Hosts are notoriously forgetful, and some may want to steer you onto the pricier list.

There is a hidden benefit to eating your large meal slightly earlier than usual. You’ll burn more calories before sleeping.

So, you’ll not only save money using the early diner’s menu, but you’ll lose some weight at the same time!

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