How to Get and Use Testimonials That Will Rock Your Business Results

Getting the RIGHT testimonials the RIGHT way, and using them the RIGHT way will explode your marketing and sales results, plus they will explode follow-up sales with the customers who gave them to you.

Most people either forget to get a testimonial or, even if they do ask for them, they are weak, fragile. Most are vague, “He’s great!”

Turning those into measurable results will make them compelling and establish what you are worth.

How to Ask for a Testimonial that Rocks

When asking for a testimonial, do you ask them to tell you what they thought of you, your product, or service?

The time to ask for a testimonial is almost every time you have met with the client. Ask him what he thought of [whatever it is you do] the last time we met or the last time he used your product. The typical answer will be useful, great, fantastic. So, now’s the time to ask, just how great was it? Of course, you are trying to get them to define, in measurable terms, how great. You are likely to get a follow-up “really great,” or maybe a 2-3 minute description that is still not measurable. You will likely have to help them put it into words.

A few good questions:

  • How much do you think this saved [or made] the company in dollars and cents?
  • How much did this save in time, employee salaries?
  • What was that time worth to the company?
  • Would you say that savings [or increase in revenue, or profit] were what percent……..

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