How Over Regulations Hurts the Little Guy

We have all heard horrendous stories of how over regulation crushes small business people who compete with the big dogs in various markets. It seems as if the government regulators are merely there to crush the little guy sometimes so that the big boys with lobbyist budgets can get the government to intervene via some Congressmen, Councilman, Senator, Corrupt Judge or County Supervisor.

Well here is a story that is truly outrageous indeed; a total abuse of the system, but the Sierra Club. You see, I met someone recently who owned a mine in just North of Albuquerque in the hills about Santa Fe, New Mexico. Get this, he had a ten-mile road and the Sierra Club was made because he owned a mine.

He never mined anything just loved the landscape and was able to use his retirement money and got the property for a song. He was planning on building his dream home there in fact. So the Sierra Club filed a lawsuit stating that the rules and regulations said that he had to water the dirt road. He lived outside of Midland, TX a state away, but told me of this story in Starbucks Coffee shop in Santa Fe.

Turns out the cost to water the road once a day for a year was astronomical due to water shortages in New Mexico, costs and remoteness for the water truck, 5 loads to water the road. So he paved it, but the Sierra Club pressed the lawsuit so now he waters a paved road in the middle of the biggest drought in the history of New Mexico? Now that helps the environment? Dah? True Story, one of thousands and so I hope this article will propel thought in 2007.

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