4 Steps to More Effective Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials. They make prospects trust you, and are essential for getting more business.
But are your testimonials the best they can be? Do they really inspire trust in your prospective
customers? Below are 4 ways you can improve the power of your testimonials to get even more

1. Include a Client Photo

Post a photo of your client above or beside his or her testimonial. People are naturally suspicious
of anyone trying to sell them something, but a photo helps to show that real people just like
themselves has bought from you and were satisfied with what you have to offer.

2. List Client’s full name and business name or URL

Another skepticism buster, posting the client’s full name and business URL makes it clear to your
prospect that real people have used and liked your product or service. Testimonials written by
“Jane M.., Kansas” or “Roger S., Consultant” sound intentionally vague and look made-up.
Instead use “Jane Michaels, President of Thunderclap Marketing” or “Roger Sherwood, Bay City
Consultants, [http://www.baycityconsultants.com]”.

3. Use a Mini Headline

This one isn’t a must–but it sure does look cool! Check out this one I yanked from an online
sales letter:

“Master Closer in Print!”

“I will pay Clayton Makepeace the highest
compliment anyone can say about a copywriter.
He is a master closer in print.”

–Gary Bencivenga
Million Dollar Copywriter

See how that works? You just pull a phrase from the testimonial and turn it into a mini subhead.
These are great if you have a lot of testimonials, because they catch a reader’s eye and help keep
all those kind words about you from running together.

4. Be Specific

Specificity sells. Don’t use a general testimonial that reads “John is a great guy and a wonderful
copywriter. His work is phenomenal.” That doesn’t really tell your prospective buyer anything.
Here’s how that testimonial should read: “John’s sales letter beat the pants off my old control,
increasing response by 300%!”

Guide your clients toward making their testimonials about your business as specific as possible,
discussing what you did for them, and showing some actual numbers when applicable.

For example, avoid saying “I made thousands in a couple of days using Joan’s coaching
program.” Instead write “Using Joan’s coaching program, I made $3,956.87 in 48 hours!” This is
more believable, and puts some real number values in people’s heads.

And there you have it, 4 great ways to beef up your client testimonials. Using one or all of these
methods can significantly improve response to your products and services, and having clients
beating down your door!

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