3 Ways to Avoid the Personal Debt Trap

If you want to avoid this embarrassing financial situation, here are three effective ways to avoid racking up substantial personal debt.

Needs vs. Wants

When making a purchase, determine whether the item is something you need or want. For example, wanting to have a brand new pair of shoes even if you have plenty of shoes is not practical. Be honest with yourself as much as you can. Do not rationalize purchases. If your first instinct is to walk away because you do not need the item, follow it. Compulsive buyers have some trouble controlling their spending and end up with so much personal debt.


Many people who burden with personal debt have problems with managing their finances. If you are one of these people, you should learn how to budget your money. For starters, list down regular expenses like utilities, mortgage, insurances, groceries, and others. Set aside the money for these items every month so that you will not worry about late or missed payments. If you have money left, make sure that a portion of it goes into savings. Some experts recommend saving a certain amount each month before dividing what is for expenses. You will be surprised how being disciplined helps in avoiding personal debt.


When people talk about saving, they always think in terms of money. There is plenty of cost-saving techniques that a person can do in their homes to reduce overhead expenses and minimize personal debt. Examples are turning off the light in rooms not in use, making sure that all appliances are working correctly, and even replacing those that consume much energy. When it comes to food, you can avoid wasting money on overpriced coffees or lunches. You can try learning how to make your coffee and bringing it to your office. Meanwhile, lunches prepared at home will save you much.

Live within Your Means

To avoid personal debt, learn to purchase items that offer the same quality and yet less expensive than branded ones. Many people make the mistake of associating high prices with excellent quality. It does not mean that you have to buy inferior items. The key is comparing prices. Some sellers even offer great deals that are not provided by other sellers. For convenience, check the internet for prices and retailers.

Huge personal debt is avoidable. Just remember that it takes much discipline and self-control. Besides, being financially free is better than having all the material things in the world on CREDIT.

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